Prized Posessions

One of the benefits of working in elementary school administration is that you get to hear the fantastic, unbelievable things that kids say.

Everyone has heard of or participated in the ritual that is ‘Show and Tell’. In one instance at a previous school, a kindergarten student had brought in a pretty white stuffed rabbit around Easter time to share with the class. The teacher comments on how pretty and white the bunny is and asks the student if it is her ‘pet’ bunny. The student replies yes and asks the teacher if she wants to hold it. The teacher says yes and upon taking the stuffed bunny in her hand realizes that it is wet. Surprised, the teacher asks why the bunny is wet to which the students replies that she licks it and that is why it is so clean!


Good News!!

Many of you who are teachers know that there are times when hilarious things happen. You say to yourself, “I have to write that one down!”, but during the hectic activity of the day, you forget and then it is gone.

Well, I have made a concerted effort to capture some of the highlights of my teaching and administrative career, and now that I have my ‘blogging’ feet wet I’m going to venture into the realm of “Wait until you hear what one of my kids said today”. There will also be the occasional “That parent said what?”!

I hope you enjoy these humorous, true and sometimes eye opening stories.

One day as I made my way back to my office I met the preschool teacher headed my way with a student in tow. She brought him in and proceeded to tell me that he would not listen, he had been running in class during instruction time and throwing things. She had made attempts to redirect and stop the behavior. The student’s reaction to the teacher was to laugh and say it was fun to be in trouble.


Unfortunately, this was not the first time the student had visited me in my office. On the last visit I had spoken with the student’s mom and she said she wanted me to call her if/when he returned to see me for such behavior. Knowing these were her expectations, I told the student I would be calling his mom. His demeanor suddenly changed. He sat quietly and began to tear up. poutWhen I got his mom on the phone, she asked to speak to him; in a very sheepish and tearful voice, I heard him tell her that he was running in the room, throwing things and not listening to the teacher.


He responded to her agreeing that those were not good choices and then in a very confident voice he said, “but the good news is that I finally pooped in the potty!”