The Teacher’s Most Important Job

As an administrator who has recently gone back into the classroom, I have come to the realization that my most important job is to H.O.P.E.

Helping Other People Excell

As the leader and facilitator in the class, it is my job to make sure my students succeed. It’s also my job to model for my students how they can help each other. Students must feel safe and accepted, not only by you but by their classmates as well, to thrive in your classroom. There are several steps you can take to get started.

  • Create an accepting and welcoming environment from day one.
    • Let students know you are interested in them as people, send home a questionnaire to find out what they’re interests are. Try to work that information into lessons.
    • Use the first days of school to conduct get to know you and team building activities. Get yourself involved so they can learn about you too! Continue them periodically throughout the year.
    • Make notes on your calendar to remind yourself to ask about events that students are involved in. Be present at their afterschool activities to cheer them on.
  • Assess your students early in the year. Group them in similar academic groups. Teach small group lessons to get them closer to the standard.
    • Help them set attainable goals and celebrate as a class when they meet them. Encouraging them to be cheerleaders for each other is very powerful.
    • Help students make tracking sheets so they can see their progress.
  • Use administrators and other staff members as resources.
    • Have students visit administrators to discuss their goals either academic or behavior and then celebrate when they are achieved.
    • Invite administrators to your class to see presentations. Students will show great pride when ‘performing’ for other adults.
    • Ask the media specialist, specials area teachers or even previous year’s teachers to visit the class or meet with students to encourage progress.

Stay tuned for future posts on instilling HOPE for your students such as Helping Set Attainable Goals.

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  1. Great post! i like it



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