Keep Parents in the Loop

In the relentless busy-ness of a teacher’s schedule, it can be tempting to keep your head down and eyes focused on the kids and their activities.  Remaining focused is important, but to be a truly effective teacher you have to look outward, orange bullhornand engage parents in the flow of learning.  Without a communication loop from teacher to parent (and back), student progress can be hampered: assignments are missed or performed poorly; student behavior problems become exaggerated or unaddressed; parents make assumptions about your intent or their child’s progress (or lack thereof.)

Because it is such a vital component of your success as a teacher, I recommend prioritizing parent communication.  One effective mechanism is to have a class newsletter that goes out on a regimented schedule, to keep parents in the loop about different aspects of the class. Here are some elements that have appeared in my past class newsletters:

  • Highlight different areas of the curriculum and put in tips on quick easy ways for parents to help at home.
  • Spotlight upcoming lessons and activities, so parents can keep up with what is being taught.
  • Include discussion starters on skills currently being taught or future lessons in which parents might be able to ask questions, start conversations, or supply background knowledge.
  • A calendar of school or classroom events.
  • Invite parents to special activities in the classroom.
  • Fun facts, trivia, game ideas or activities for parent/student
  • Reminders or permission slips for field trips or other activities
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