What’s Going On?

Create an Agenda.  I love it when I go to a meeting and there’s an agenda. I like to prepare myself for the topics and/or tasks that will be covered and when there will be a break. The students in your class want to know the same thing.  They may not realize they want an “agenda” but they definitely want a road map for the tasks ahead. agenda1

Weekly.  I’d suggest that you create an ‘overview of the week’ schedule that doesn’t change, posted in an obvious place. It could include things like — which special classes are on what day, lunch/recess times, class meeting times, and restroom breaks. Having this schedule will cut down on some questions like “What time is recess?” or “When is lunch?” A posted schedule also helps a substitute or visitor to your class know what’s happening.

Daily.  For daily activities, post an agenda in the corner of the white board or a place that all students can see it.  Some items can be permanent, but others will change each day.  Write lesson/unit objectives on the board so students know what they will be learning for the day/week. Write them in the form of a question (Essential Questions) so that at the end of the day/lesson you can ask the question and see if your students have met the objective (ticket out the door). agenda2

Your students will appreciate the weekly and daily agenda.  Eventually they’ll come to expect it and quickly let you know if you’ve forgotten it. By incorporating this routine into your week/day you will be helping students develop their own organizational routines and planning habits. It will also keep you organized and on track.

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